About Us

We sell liquidated goods by the pallet, LTL and Truckload

About Us

We receive loads from all of the premier retailers and sell the pallets at a heavily discounted rate from the retail value. We have pallets with household items, tools, appliances, baby products, cookware, etc. We have about 50 pallets that come through our warehouse each week and they are sold for between $300-$1999. 

Our History

Discounts Liquiadtions started with a $5,000 Family loan and garage units. There were just four of us and we knew we could change the way companies liquidated their goods. There was so much improvement that could be made in the industry! On the flip side, we knew there was a demand for quality, name brand products in the secondary market. After a couple years we were able to help many people grow their small business. That’s where the growth really began.

Our Goal

At Discount Liquidations, our goal is to help resellers get the right wholesale products they’re looking for at the price points their business model needs. Whether you’re thinking about opening your own reselling business or representing an established brand and simply need inventory, Discount Liquidations is your ally in wholesales.